4 Healthiest Potatoes

We’ve all been there –overwhelmed by the amount of vegetable varieties to choose from at the grocery store, and no time to waste deliberating. Fortunately, I’ve tracked down the healthiest potato varieties so that those tedious shopping trips can go a whole lot quicker next time.

The healthiest varieties to look for are the potatoes with darker-colored flesh over the standard white ones. Look for Yukon Gold, Purple Viking, and Ruby Crescent. Additionally, you can skip the tedious job of peeling them, since their skins are filled with fiber and nutrients.

Purple and blue potatoes have an antioxidant called Flavonoid that helps to fight both heart disease and colon cancer.

Sweet potatoes are another underrated variety. They contain more antioxidants and more fiber than white potatoes. One sweet potato has about 4 grams of fiber, while a white potato the same size has only 2 grams. Also, they are rich with a special antioxidant that helps to strengthen our immune systems. And their sweet flavor makes them an easy way to liven up dinner.

So whether you’re making a dessert or a main course, now you know how to make the most out of those versatile spuds.


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