Muffin Tin Hacks


  1. Buns

Use the slots to divide up bread dough. This method also makes it easier to add filling inside the bread.

  1. Condiment Holder

Instead of wasting different bowls, use your muffin tin to hold toppings or ingredients for parties, such as ketchup or sprinkles

  1. Serving Tray

Add glasses and small bowls for a makeshift tray.

  1. Eggs

Store eggs in your muffin tin to keep them from breaking.

  1. Office Supplies

Give your muffin tin a makeover (i.e. spray paint), and then use it as a desk organizer.

  1. Tools

Use one to sort different types of nails and screws.

  1. Paint

No pallet? No problem. Mix your paints in a muffin tin for an art project.

  1. Lunches for kids

Serve them lunch meat and crackers in a muffin in to keep them entertained.

  1. Jewellery

Use one to keep jewellery sorted and untangled.

  1. Ice Cubes

Make bigger chunks so that they last longer


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